I am a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #2934 under the supervision of Maria Gray, LMFT,CGP, NMP LMFT#85366. I  provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples with a specialty in addiction and trauma. I graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors in Psychology and hold a Masters in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from San Francisco State University. While at San Francisco State University, I studied a variety of counseling modalities as well as how culture impacts individuals, specifically in a therapeutic setting. In addition, I spent time working in Quito, Ecuador and got to learn how culture shapes our beliefs through immersing myself in the culture. During my time in Ecuador, I provided psychotherapy to communities without access to mental health services and provided psychoeducation to medical staff in community clinics. This work had a large impact on how I practice therapy today and expanded my knowledge on cultural competency and how culture shows up in therapy.

After my work abroad, I completed my training and practicum at Ohlhoff Recovery Center in San Francisco, CA. While at Ohlhoff, I provided group and individual therapy for individuals struggling with substance abuse disorder and mental health diagnosis. Upon completing my training, I began working as a Mental Health Specialist at St. Joseph’s Center in Venice, California helping the homeless population access services for mental health, substance abuse treatment, and housing options. During my time at St. Joseph Center, I gained experience in crisis intervention and crisis management.

I continued my career with KLEAN Treatment Centers working as a Primary Therapist for both individual and group therapy. While working at KLEAN, I used a mindfulness approach to help clients heal from substance abuse, past trauma, and mental health concerns. This work enhanced my experience in the field of addiction and sparked my passion for long-term trauma work.

I have additional training in the Trauma Resiliency Model and Brainspotting. I blend a mindfulness and somatic approach to help clients heal from past trauma and current distress and believe that individuals have the power to heal their mind and body through safely exploring and overcoming wounds from their past. My own experience in mindfulness helps create a warm and nurturing environment for clients to connect and improve their quality of life.